Top 6 Psychic websites

Top 6 Psychic websites Online

In the digital era, there are hundreds of online psychic networks. However, not all of them are accurate. Some of them are in it purely for the money. A good psychic network should act as a bridge connecting the people to the psychic world. Both the advise and advisors stand to gain a lot.

All people at some point will need guidance and advice in their lives. You could try to search for answers on online forums, from friends, family, and even from professionals. However, this can sometimes end in disappoint. Sometimes, they do not have the answers to difficult hurdles we are facing.

By gaining insight or even just giving a kind ear for what you are facing, it can help to uplift your spirit and give you a fresh perspective on life. Psychic readings today span a huge variety of specialties. You can find tarot card readers, eastern mystics, love counseling, Kabbalah, career advice, and even medium sessions. People look for psychic reading when they are at their lowest points in life. For instance, they come to psychics after a breakup and when planning a major career move. You can even visit a pet psychic to reconnect with your furry friend who seems distant.

To ensure you get clarity, it is important that you visit the right psychic website. A good site puts its psychics through an intensive screening process to ensure they are only dealing with the best. This means that while you could do a random online search, you might not find the right site. Thus, you should take the time to conduct careful research and find what is best for you. With good research, you can have the assurance of quality readings. You are assured that the psychic you contact has undergone some screening to ensure he or she is genuine.

With this in mind, if you feel that you might need a psychic reading, I have spent time to find some of the best psychic sites with the best psychic readings. With a psychic reader, these sites let you engage in a live chat, a phone call or even email each other. Most readers on good sites will have a schedule on their site to let you know when they will be available. The bottom line is that you are the one who needs answers. Thus, you are the one who will decide which psychic to use. With this in mind, here is a list of psychic networks I think you will like.

Oranum psychic website

Keen has been in business since 1999. It is one of the biggest psychic networks in the world. Since their launch, they have given over 43 million readings. There are over 1700 psychics on the site offering various readings. This site is unique in that all psychics are independent. They set their own schedule and rates. Visitors are also allowed to leave a review and rating on the site. With the public review system, it allows you to see the best psychics to pick for whichever issue you have. You can visit the psychic and read reviews on their wall to determine if they are the best fit for you.

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Psychic Source website

Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic networks in the world. A respected network has built its reputation over the course of 30 years. The psychic readings they offer are accurate. Their services are accessible via phone, live video, or by phone. On the site, there are over 300 psychics with an array of abilities and specialties from which to pick. It is also worth mentioning their rates are quite low; as little as $0.66 a minute plus 3 free minutes. An impressive aspect that I liked about the psychic source site is the rigorous screenings all psychics undergo.

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Oranum is a global spiritual network that is based in Poland. Besides psychics, Oranum also offers a free online reading service. One of their coolest services is webcam readings. You can receive answers via live chat, email, or webcam. In fact, it is the only one of its kind, which offers webcam reading. While it is still quite young, it has already established itself as a great place to get psychic readings. The registration process is also quite easy and fast. Access the site and you will be quite impressed. The site offers readings 24/7.

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Ask Now

Asknow is one of the top phone psychics and chart reading networks in the sector. The site has been around for almost fifteen years and during that time, they have built a solid reputation. Their services are offered 24/7 and there are various types of readings offered. These include love and relationship readings, angel readings, tarot cards, dream analysis, and many other services. I have been to the site a few times and thus far, the experience has been positive. They have an intensive screening process that has been quite effective thus far; only about 1 in 20 psychics who apply are approved.


Life reader website

Kasamba is one of the oldest psychic networks in the world. It was established in 1999 and is owned by an entity listed on NASDAQ. On the network, psychics are allowed to set their own rates. When you first sign up, you will not need to provide any payment information. It is only after you browse the site and find a psychic you like that you will pay. You are allowed to choose from various contact methods to get your reading. They have spiritual advisors from the US and the rest of the world, who are committed to providing you with the guidance you require.

Life Reader

Life reader website

Life Reader specializes in helping their clients out of any predicament they are facing. They have a search filter that outlines various common readings offered by psychics. This makes it easy for a customer to find the right psychic for their issue. Once you visit the site, they will clearly outline how they screen all psychics. This way you are assured that you are dealing with vetted psychics whose only interest is to help you. They also offer a quick overview of the percentage of positive reviews each psychic has received. It makes it easy for you to pick one that you think can solve your issue.


When finding the right psychic network, you have to take into account what you need. It is thus important for you to define your goals before you visit a psychic network. For instance, some sites are good for tarot reading while others are good for spiritual guidance. Besides that, take time to visit each site you like and read the reviews on the psychic. It can help you to determine if visiting them for advice would be a good idea. It is important that you do not allow price to be your main determining factor. Good psychics will charge more but you can be sure you will get quality readings.

In general, you can find good psychics at all the six psychics listed above. If you have a problem and you feel that, you need some psychic guidance. Click on any of them and find what you need for your soul and mind.