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Do you feel alone…

Do you have a gut feeling about something but don’t know what to do?

Don’t know where to turn for support and answers?

Is there a burning question in your mind about love, work, relationships or the future?

Are you finding it difficult to know what to do about a situation in your life?

Is your dilemma causing you restless thoughts and sleepless nights?

Are you constantly in a hurry and need answers on the go?

Do you need fast answers on an evolving scenario?

Do you have questions about your past?

Are you unsure about what to aim for in the future?

Do you have a goal but no clue how to reach it?

Do you feel your life is plagued with past Karma and you need to shift it?

Having feelings that you may have lived before?

Are you coming to terms with the loss of a loved one?

Are you struggling with physical or emotional baggage?

Are you stuck at a crossroads in life or starting out on a new path?

Needing reassurance and guidance is natural and healthy. You are in good company. This is where an ONLINE PSYCHIC READING can help support you on your journey.

You are not alone…

It is obvious that any of us need help at times of crisis, but psychic support can do so much more.

Every day decisions can feel daunting, understanding what on earth is going on and why can be confusing.

Dealing with loss, whether it is of a long-term partner, a child or loved one, can feel overwhelming.

Understanding how you can support your family as they grow up and evolve can also be a puzzle as to where you fit in.

A good online psychic can afford you peace of mind, insight, reassurance and a helping hand along the way.

Here is the secret… YOU are sooo worth it, really, no really, you deserve advice from a good psychic…

Whether or not you have a religious belief, there is a lovely story called “Footsteps in the sand” there are various versions, but the grain of truth is the same.

It is about someone who is having a hard time in life and they see the path they have followed. On closer inspection they realise that there is only one set of footprints at the times when life was toughest.

So why, you wonder, did God abandon the person at this moment? The answer; at those times God carried them and helped them along their path.

Many of us need a helping hand when it comes to knowing how to proceed in life and how to deal with the dilemmas it raises.

Whether your questions are about love, career or family issues, an online psychic reading, in much the same way, can lend support when you need it most.

So you know you want answers, you have a question, you seek understanding, reassurance, a guiding hand to show you the way forward, but where do you begin? What Psychic websites can you trust?

It’s a wild wild world out there, who can I trust? I’ts ok to want a good recommendation, in fact it makes sense…

Your life may seem like a cosmic chasm, a black hole you are falling through and you may not be sure who to trust when searching the internet.

It is daunting reaching out on your own. How do you know you are reaching someone genuine, someone with integrity? 

Would you not vet a new doctor? Of course you would! Like me, you would also do the same for an online psychic.

The best psychics on the web can help you find genuine clarity and answers. However, finding the right advisor on your own isn't easy. This is where the magic formula kicks in…

I am the ultimate sceptic when it comes to choosing a sceptic

I was raised around people who held very different views. My early life showed me a contradiction between Christian and alternative spiritual belief systems. Perhaps you feel this conflict too?

But there are many paths to the truth. Systems of guidance are not really as far removed from each other as you might think.

I was close to people who wanted to push the idea that psychic awareness and Christian values mix like oil and water. Ok, maybe oil and water don’t mix, but an emulsion is a marriage of opposites, a coming together of differing elements.

Take a salad dressing or mayonnaise (original or vegan) they would be nothing without these opposing elements.

From sceptic to confident in hiring an online psychic

I found this conflict difficult, but I was picking up on what other people experienced. A fear of the unseen and a fear of stepping off the known path.

I have observed how un-professional psychic advice can cause upset and felt a distrust of so-called psychics. But… I also met good psychics and found a formula for finding good readers.

A good psychic will not just leave someone with a terrible reading. They will show ways to deal with situations, ways to circumvent and transform difficulty into a positive.

I experienced and heard of good psychics and of some bad and I always felt cautious. This is the background to the formula that works for me…

Trust your gut instinct and back it up with evidence…

Always trust your gut instinct and back it up with evidence.

A good online website will carefully vet all their psychics, so online psychics can in some cases be more reliable and more closely scrutinized than in person. If they are reliable and vetted they are also more accountable.

So listen to your intuition and read reviews, do your homework…

I always trusted my gut instincts and so should you, here’s why…

I had experiences which showed me to always trust myself, trust my own instincts. Do you know that feeling when you walk into a room and meet someone for the first time and you know you can trust them?

Like-wise the person who makes you feel a heaviness in the solar plexus or a churning in your gut? There is a close symbiotic relationship between the body and the spiritual world.

Like a violin, our body is an instrument through which the spiritual can be felt. We are all Psychic whether we realise it or not and the first person you must trust is yourself.

But I want evidence! Trust your gut and read the science…

Yes, trust your gut instincts, science is catching on to the psychic world, its fine to look to it for help choosing a psychic…

A study by a neuroscientist published in Physiology shows how you are guided by your intuition whether you know it or not. Co -author of the paper James Maniscalco, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Illinois concluded that you are guided by your gut instincts “if not by choice then subconsciously.

Linda Rinman a Psychologist says of the study that “gut instincts can have a big impact on emotions and behaviour.

So trust your instincts and do your homework. Whether your view is spiritual or scientific, or like me, both, there is every good reason to go by your gut instinct… But I bet you knew that already…

So the magic formula two step formula is follow your gut instincts, trust your intuition and the second find evidence of good practice.

Need fast answers on the go?

Whether you are working or helping with the grand-kids, sometimes you just need a quick answer to a question, sometimes you need time to talk things through properly. Whatever your needs are, there is a solution for you.

You can even book a call!

Click on this short video from Psychic Source and see just how safe, reassuring and easy it is to book an on-line psychic. The video is about phone calls, but it equally applies to booking a psychic online.

Quick Pick: An instant tarot pick on can help in a hurry.

You can even check cards on your mobile whilst you are out and about.

*A more in-depth interpretation of your choices may ultimately be more beneficial, so book a one to one.

The cards in themselves are not sufficient to give you a full in-depth interpretation, so supplement your immediate read with a one to one with a trusted Psychic.

I love serenu and knowing it is there is great back up for those instant questions and for guidance on how to view your day.

Psychic readings are better online…

For the best most accurate readings in my view, choose


Take that difficult situation in your life to an expert for advice. Find out why your life is plagued by karma you simply can’t shift.

At Kazamba they even offer a link to update your browser if you are still running on windows 7 or earlier versions. These will soon not be supported, so why not upgrade your browser and your life at the same time!

Accurate, trusted readings at $1 a minute: 

15 minute readings: AskNow is a super easy budget solution, they offer fifteen minutes for $10 dollars with a trusted psychic or tarot reader.

Choosing carefully online is important for your peace of mind and knowing that your online psychic website has been featured on legitimate sources.

AskNow have been featured mainstream in TMZ, People and The National Enquirer a great comfort when you are considering spending online.

Cut through the chaos with tried and tested online Psychic websites

Starting with a few questions the website Keen helps align you with the ideal advisor for your needs. They have over 14 million satisfied customers. That’s a great accolade!!

So take that burning question, whether it is about love, work, relationships or the future and get in touch with a psychic from Keen.

It is hard to let go…

Letting go and grieving for a loved one whether through separation or death is one of the hardest things to deal with in life.

It can leave you feeling desolate, alone, afraid. Many people are going through the same thing right now. You are not alone.

It can take time heal and understand, to unravel questions about the past, to work out the way for the future.

By placing your trust in an online psychic, you can help understand what has been and what may lie ahead.

What if I don’t fit into the conventional box?

Sometimes a Shamanic healer or visionary is needed to help with your unique situation.

Whether it be about love or past lives, Oranum is a great alternative website with a selection of field specific experts and psychic healers.

Looking for something different?

Whether you remember a past life or have Karma to understand, if you need spiritual healing, this site may be the answer to your prayers. It stands out as different from the rest, so check it out!

Embrace history…

Psychic Source are one of the most trusted online psychic websites out there. They are one of the oldest in the industry and have been doing this for over 30 years.

Psychic source have a good selection of trusted psychics on their books you will find mediums, clairvoyants, empaths, healers, and love experts and more.

Are you bamboozled by the amount of choice?

Prepare instead to be “streamlined” as they put it by Hollywood Psychics who take the stress out of you needing to make a decision by handpicking the right psychic for you.

Confirming your choice…

Check out a few things such as: does the company offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

There is a great selection of on-line psychics to choose from. The very least you can do for yourself is make sure that you check out their credentials.

Only accept a contract where 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Read reviews

Read other customer reviews. This will highlight how others have experienced the service and reassure you that you are making a good and informed choice.

Check to see that the company has a positive Better Business Bureau rating.

Look at their social media comments and postings. This will further help you suss out just how good the company is.

Whatever your budget, don’t settle for less…

A good online psychic will not offer you readings for free. Stick with a reputable company.

Equally an expensive reading may not be the best

Read reviews and check out reputation rather than the price band. The reviews, or lack of them, will say everything you need to know.

Age Matters!

Preferably go with a company that has been going for some time and is well thought of within the Psychic Community. Psychic source is an example of a long-standing company with a good all-round reputation.

Read customer reviews. A reputable company will shine on the internet. It will have good reviews from customers and from others within the industry.

Take note of individual ratings

Make sure that individuals within a company, even a reputable one, have good ratings and customer reviews. Look at how the wider community who use the service reacts and responds.

You have made your choice of website what next?

You choose the right psychic for you

Think about your burning question, your personal dilemma, your need for healing. Narrow down your search based on your needs. If you are unsure then ask for advice.

There are a wide range of psychics from Tarot readers, Love advisors, Shamanic healers, Mediums and clairvoyants, empaths and intuitives, Astrologists and Energy Healers.

Prepare yourself

Set aside time in your diary. Give your self enough time to relax before-hand, to do the session and relax afterwards. If you need someone with you, ask them to book this space too and create space for healing in your life.

Meditate, drink plenty of water and do eat something before you start…

Make sure you are comfortable, that you are cool enough or warm enough, and not about to rush off anywhere. You are important, so book it in just like you would the hairdresser. Clear your mind…

You are part of a large family of like-minded people…

Embrace the future in the knowledge that you are part of a wider family with a super amazing support network of psychic readers to help you every step of the way.

Like Footprints in the sand…

Feel the support and choose an on-line psychic today

Yes!! Feel the support and choose an online psychic today and know that by choosing a psychic healer to help you, may be one set of footprints as you are carried through the toughest times…

And a firm footprint as you are set firmly back on your own two feet when you feel strongest. But always there are guides on the earth plane and on the spirit plain ready and able to help.

Do one thing for yourself today…Book an on-line Psychic for you!!

Follow this easy 10 step list and find the support you need.

  • Love yourself
  • Write down what you need help with
  • If it is more than one thing write a bullet point list and prioritise one thing
  • Identify the type of online psychic you need
  • Choose a website and check its credentials
  • Choose a psychic and check their reviews
  • Ensure you will get 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Book an appointment today
  • Clear your diary and put the appointment in it
  • Embrace your journey…

Love yourself and take the opportunity to book an online psychic now…

You are sooo worth it!

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