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Transforming a virtual force to
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Transforming a virtual force to
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AskNow is a fantastic psychic network. It employs some of Atlantas best psychics and tarot card readers. Ask Now is also the only network that we have reviewed that offers readings in both English and Spanish. They are so certain that you will be satisfied with the Atlanta psychic readings that you receive that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can contact the customer support team if you are not satisfied and hey will refund all of your money with no questions asked. I frequently use AskNow for advice and believe that they offer the best overall deal and fairest prices.


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Psychic Network Reviews

Review of AskNow

AskNow is a fantastic psychic network. It employs some of Atlantas best psychics and tarot card readers. Ask Now is also the only network that we have reviewed that offers readings in both English and Spanish. They are so certain that you will be satisfied with the Atlanta psychic readings that you receive that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can contact the customer support team if you are not satisfied and hey will refund all of your money with no questions asked. I frequently use AskNow for advice and believe that they offer the best overall deal and fairest prices.

AskNow has been providing Psychic services in Atlanta for several years now and was among the first Psychic services to offer services online. They are currently owned and operate out of the state of Florida so you can be certain that you are receiving services from a company that you can trust, rather than an overseas company. They have high customer satisfaction and have updated their system recently so you can talk to which advisor you want, even if the person is not available at that time. Simply enter your phone number and their system will call you when they are available. Many benefits are offered by AskNow that are not offered by other psychic services such as online chat readings and free horoscopes. 

Screening Process Used For Their Psychics

AskNow has a fantastic screening process for its psychics. Only around 1 out of every 10 psychics that apply with them are hired. When a new psychic applies they go through several interviews and tests are done on their psychic abilities. Their psychics are encouraged to make sure that customers are kept happy. If they receive too many complaints from customers AskNow will not allow them to give any more readings.

AskNow Website

AskNow recently updated their website. In my opinion, it is much improved. One new feature has been added that I really like called “call back.”  If your favorite psychic is not available but online, you can enter in your phone number and then the psychic will call you back automatically just as soon as they become available. That is so much better than having to wait on hold to talk to your favorite Atlanta psychic. Their new website is fast, very easy to use and helps you locate a good psychic right away.

New Customer Deals

AskNow offers an outstanding deal for its new customers. Receive 15 minutes for only $10. on their website, they offer free email readings as well, although it takes a couple of days to get a response back it is still pretty awesom. I recommend that you sign up for the weekly newsletter for some very insightful horoscopes and coupons.

Customer Service

AskNow has a great customer service team. They offer a money back guarantee so you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied. One thing that is disappointing is they don’t offer a customer support phone number, but their support team responded by email to my problems within just a couple of minutes and they have always been able to solve any problem that I had very quickly.

Review of Psychic Source

By far, Psychic Source has the very best Atlanta psychics that I have ever spoken to. It is one of the most respected and oldest psychic services around. Each of their Psychics has undergone rigorous certification and testing before Psychic Source allows them to give any readings. There is a long list of testimonials on their psychics from satisfied customers. They always give accurate readings, and I never felt I was being set up to be scammed.

You pre-pay for your reading ahead of time, so you won’t ever experience any surprise or hidden charges. It is definitely worth it to check out the Atlanta Psychic Source psychics. 

Psychic Source offered its very first Atlanta psychic readings via phone nearly 30 years ago. Today they offer video, instant message, and Atlanta phone psychic readings to clients.

There are just a couple of simple principles that their successful business has been built on:

Work only with skilled, authentic skill psychic readers who have genuine Psychic gifts.

Treat each customer with respect and fairly

Respect the privacy of all customers

Why truly sets them apart is their psychic readers. They have a rigorous screening process they have developed that includes test readings and interviews. Each prospective reader is required to do a test reading and one of the proven psychics must approve them. When it comes to being able to identify a skilled psychic who can provide meaningful readings the saying of “it takes one to know one” definitely applies here.

Psychic Source’s Screening Process

The best psychic screening process is done by Psychic Sources out of all psychic sources I have personally used. Only about 1 out of every 20 psychics that apply are allowed to provide readings on Psychic Source. It is a very rigorous screening process and includes multiple interviews, a background check and giving a live psychic reading with one of their certified psychic readers atlanta boast for testing their abilities. Due to this rigorous process, you can practically guarantee the just the top Atlanta Psychics work at Psychic Source.

Psychic Source Website

Recently Psychic Source updated its website. It is very easy to use, and an atlanta psychic can be searched for by name or their phone extension. If you aren’t sure which psychic to select their list can be sorted by psychic abilities, customer ratings, whether they are available currently to take your call, and more. Customers are allowed to leave ratings and comments so that you can see what other customers thought about their reading on Psychic Source.

New Customer Deals

New customers are given a special offer by Psychic Source. New customers receive 10 minutes for just $10. At the special price, you can purchase up to 30 minutes. Also, new customers receive an extra 3 free minutes with their purchase.

All members of Psychic Source are emailed daily horoscopes for free. These horoscopes are written by professional psychics and astrologers. I found them to be very helpful and look forward to receiving them every day in my email. I recommend that you also sign up for their newsletter. It contains special offers and discount coupons that only are given to their newsletter subscribers.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Psychic Source truly outdoes the rest. They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee states that if you are not completely satisfied with your psychic reading or your psychic reader that you can simply call them and you will receive a complete refund or they will help you find a new psychic reader. They offer email and phone support 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

All of their customer support is based in the U.S. I found them to be very courteous and polite, and they actually did care about a couple of minor issues I experience and worked hard to ensure I was happy with the service.

Review Of Psychic Services By Kasamba And Keen

For those that are familiar with Kasamba, it is common for them to wonder exactly what sets it apart. For one, it is a chat-based psychic network found online. Some of the psychics offer readings on the phone but only a few. The Atlanta based psychics found on this network are available around the clock. A person is able to get a reading using an interface similar to Messenger and this allows them to get the reading instantly.

The psychic services are made available in several languages so they even those you don’t understand English well can receive these services. Because Kasamba was a live person Psychic Network previously, many of the most popular live psychics are now found on this network. If you enjoy live readings then you will certainly feel comfortable using Kasamba.

This company changed so that it could put its focus on helping its customers with their psychic needs. They have a few psychics that still offer phone readings but it is mostly an online network. It’s highly unique being a chat-based service online.

The network itself is used by choosing from psychics in Atlanta that are listed and then you are able to chat with them over a service that is similar to Messenger. There are also those that speak other languages that you can choose from. Another unique feature about the services is the fact that all the readings are securely stored as a chat log. This allows anyone to go back in time and read over any advice the psychic gave at any point in time.

There are some fairly famous psychics found on Kasamba and several have been on various radio and TV shows. Because the psychics are often popular and well known some can charge as much as $20 per minute making it necessary to be aware of the fees that are potentially involved. There are a number of Psychics that are available exclusively on Kasamba and don’t give readings elsewhere.

What Is The Screening Process When Selecting A Psychic?

The system doesn’t use a big screening process. This basically puts the responsibility on you to choose who you use to give a reading. The system does allow for customers to leave reviews and ratings. It’s also possible to see how long a psychic has been giving readings on the network. Since they don’t have much of a screening process these other things are useful in determining which psychic to choose.

The Website

The site itself is well laid out and it is easy to use. Finding psychics is done easily and you can choose those that give the type of reading you are interested in such as a reading for your career, a relationship, and so on. You are able to look at psychics with particular skills such as those that can provide Spirit guides or those who can read tarot cards. This makes the process of searching for a psychic super easy. Most users find the feature that allows you to save all your chat logs very useful by allowing you to go back and look at what your psychic reading said. Often users will have an aha moment after re-reading the chat log multiple times.

Deals For New Customers

Customers who are new to Kasamba get 3 minutes of free reading. It does require purchasing 10 minutes in advance to get the 3 minutes of free reading. It gives you a chance to give the service a try with your free minutes. There are services that offer different incentives but getting the first 3 minutes free is useful.

Customer Service

There’s very little in the way of customer service on the site. They do not provide any type of telephone support. This was something disappointing in that if you want a refund for any reason or you were not happy with your reading you have no way of contacting customer service other than on their website. It will be necessary to fill out a form that they provide on the site. Their terms of service indicate that they can choose to refund or not based on their own discretion but they do have a guarantee of satisfaction.

The guarantee says that they will refund up to $50 of the price you paid if you’re not happy. It is the opinion of the author that it really is less than optimal to not provide a telephone number. It’s often easy to resolve an issue quickly when you can make a phone call rather than having to wait for several days to get an email response. Most will likely find that Kasamba handles any issues reasonably well, despite the fact that they only offer support from the website.

The largest service online of Psychics is Keen. They have provided this type of service since the 90s and they were essentially the first internet-based psychic service and before the internet, they had provided this type of service over the phone. This internet-based psychic service has been bought and sold numerous times and was even once owned by AT&T. At times, they seemed to go downhill and couldn’t really be recommended.

Most recently it was purchased by one company that seems to be doing their very best to keep customers happy and to remove any psychics that are considered scammy or unpopular in order to rebuild their reputation. This is an effort that can be applauded because in the past it was a great service. They are even now offering a satisfaction guarantee but they haven’t gone as far as to offer any type of guarantee that includes your money back as other services typically do. They will credit your account if you report being unsatisfied and that is better than having nothing at all in place.

Keen’s Screening Process For Their Psychics

They have made great progress and are making needed improvements on their screening process for the psychics on the network. Previously, almost anyone could sign up claiming to be a psychic but their current screening process is considerably better. There may still be some psychics that are less than ideal but in comparison to the past, they are now few and far between. The site can be applauded for doing a really good job of cleaning up the site and removing those that were trying to scam. Even though the screening process remains less diligent than other places such as Psychic Source, it is making great improvements and will probably continue to do so.

The Keen Website

The site has been dramatically improved. Their new layout and design is considerably easier to use when searching for psychics and for leaving reviews. You can search on psychics based on their skills, their ratings, or the types of readings that they provide as well as other factors. You can easily schedule a reading with any psychic when they are not online at the same time that you are.

There are psychics that can provide a choice of phone readings or chat but as you would expect, not all of them offer you both of those. You can easily see how long the reader has been on the site as a member and you can even find how many readings they have done while being a member of Keen. This allows you to easily find the level of experience that you’re interested in and it’s an option that is not always available on other sites.

New Customers Get Special Deals

Of the different psychic websites available, Keen has some of the best deals on offer. Any new customer can get their first 10 minutes for only $1.99. That means for less than $2 anyone can get their first reading and they can do it today. The one drawback to the offer is the fact that not all of the psychics accept that deal and so you’ll have to make certain that it’s one of those that will allow you to get 10 minutes for just under $2.

You’ll be able to easily see which ones will honor that deal and which will not. Every psychic has their prices clearly indicated. This makes it easy to know what you’ll need to pay when getting a particular reading.

Keen’s Customer Service

This website and its owners have been making great strides towards providing better customer service. In recent months they have really improved. They have made support available 24/7 using email and they do have support provided by telephone but it is only available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the weekends. These improvements are great, although it would still be nice if 7 days a week they were able to offer telephone support similar to other major sites.

Even so, it’s still great to know that you can get a real human on the phone anytime you have an issue. Another great factor is that when using their email support they typically reply pretty quickly. The reply will usually come within just a few hours which means you may not even need to call them. Even for fairly big problems, you can typically get it resolved by email but when you can’t, you have the option to call.