Dealing with Love & Heartbreak

Dealing with Love & Heartbreak

Everyone wants and needs love, however, it can bring both immense joy and pain. You experience joy and happiness at the start and during your relationship but that easily turns to pain when that relationship is over.

Breakups are usually difficult and quite sad for both people. It is still sad and difficult to go through even when both people have agreed that separating is for the best. This is because both parties have put in a lot of time, energy and emotion into the relationship. So, when that relationship ends, it feels like a huge waste and is heartbreaking.

So, how do you deal with the pain and sadness of heartbreak?

Most people don't go out an party when their relationship is over. They usually spend the time thinking about the relationship and spend a lot less time interacting with other people.

Almost every heartbroken person takes time and space apart from other people so that they can heal themselves. This is quite understandable but you should be careful that you don't become absorbed in self pity or become self obsessed. We will now look at how you can avoid getting trapped in those feelings.

Communicate your feelings

It is important that you don't keep all your emotions in and allow them to come up. You should not feel embarrassed about doing so, after all, you've just ended a very important relationship in your life with a person who was a potential husband or wife. This is not something simple such as a bad interview where you can easily shrug it off and move on. When feelings become trapped and you don't express them, they actually poison you internally and make you a very unhappy and closed off person. This then further disables your ability to get into a better relationship.


Next, you should talk about your breakup and relationship with people who care such as your family and friends. They can help by talking about their own breakups and even provide coping strategies that helped them. By experiencing the empathy of others, it can help by providing comfort. In the event that you don't have anyone that you could talk to, then consider speaking to a Love psychic. They can provide a lot of positive support and will be completely non-judgemental. Psychics are usually quite experienced in love and relationship matters, so they can provide a lot of support.

Rediscover yourself and your interests

Thirdly, you should not put your life on hold or give up the things that you're passionate about. It is best to get involved in various activities with others who also enjoy that activity. For example, if you love listening to music, then don't just listen to the radio or music on YouTube at home. Instead, go to a live concert with your friends or other music lovers. You should think about all the things you loved to do in the past and reinvigorate your interests in them. Another example of this is if you're naturally artistic but haven't done art in a long time, then you should look into painting or drawing once again. You can even use this as a medium to express your emotions about the breakup and help to process them.


Next, you should reflect on the relationship, but don't do so using rose colored glasses. Look at the relationship logically and don't just focus on the good parts or the honeymoon phase. Make sure to not create some sort of fantasy, but acknowledge both the good and the bad.

Unfortunately, when a relationship ends, the pain of heartbreak is inevitable. However, there are many things you can do to overcome your own pain and grief. So, be sure to follow the above tips and I'm certain you'll be able to successfully process the pain and move forward with your life.

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