Are Psychics and Mediums the Same? What is the difference

Are Psychics and Mediums the Same? What is the difference

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On Psychics And Mediums

Psychics and mediums are two completely different things. However, there are people like me who feel that the two areas overlap to a certain extent. Welcome to the grey zone.
I’ll try to make myself clear.
During my first attempts at reading and working with people, I heavily relied on my clairvoyant “seeing” abilities to get information from the energetic field of my clients (better known as aura). The aura contains information about all three bodies – the emotional, the energetic and the physical self – together with your personal history in all these three areas. Everything that has happened to you in the past is stored in your personal energetic field in the same way memories are stored in the brain. This information can be a reliable predictor of what’s going to come to you in the future.

I had the ability to see the color of your aura, to see events from your past still influencing your emotions and feelings (things you re-live over and over again and can make you feel bad), and to see the different relationships with people in your life that were actively interacting with you at both physical and energetic levels. All these enabled me to predict your future. It comes without saying that the accuracy of such predictions may vary quite a lot. Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that it is only an extrapolation of your past and of your behaviors. If you change your behaviors, your thoughts and your patterns of action, your future may also change.

In order to perceive your spirit, psychics make use of various perceptive abilities such as perceptive hearing, clairvoyance (perceptive seeing), perceptive sensing and feeling, and perceptive knowing. We all have one or more of these abilities, but we don’t know how to use them. When it comes to psychics, they either have naturally stronger abilities, or have practiced them to serve other people. Psychic abilities improve with practice in a similar way playing a musical instrument enhances your performance. By making use of your intuitive gifts, you’ll strengthen them.

Psychics perceive the world around them.

On the other hand, a medium is a person who receives information from the Divine source. This person acts as an information channel between the Divine source and the other person. Mediums connect and link their energy with the Divine to offer you guidance, support, information and insights to help you overcome your current challenges.

Mediums make use of their psychic abilities to decipher information they receive from the Divine. This means that all mediums should have such abilities and practice using them, as they are nothing else but their working tools. While all mediums are also psychics, the opposite isn’t always true; not all psychics are mediums. A medium may use their clairvoyant abilities to perceive information from a client. However, they would transfer this tool of seeing to receive information directly from the Spirit rather than the physical body of the client.
Mediums are like informational channels between two sources of information. They may be able to connect other people with their deceased loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and other spiritual entities. They are nothing else than sensitive receptors who connect to the source and open to it to get information which they pass on to their clients, without needing to use any of their psychic abilities to perceive their client.

Mediums receive.

All psychics can learn how to connect with Spirit to start receiving information. This can help them in their work with clients. A little practice can take them a long way in shifting their focus from the physical world to the spiritual one.
Both Psychics and Mediums provide the same kind of help, the difference being their focus choice.
Each of these psychics or mediums will have a preference in choosing their working tools. Some of them prefer to use their psychic gifts to perceive from their environment, without the need for developing receptive abilities from Spirit. I could also use my psychic abilities to perceive your emotions and to predict your future; however, I prefer to get my information from Spirit and pass it on to you as I receive it. I simply feel more comfortable using this tool rather than relying on clairvoyance or on other psychic abilities to read and understand you.
Each human being is unique and has a good intuition of where their focus lies – in reception or perception.

I hope this sheds some light into the matter of psychics and mediums, and the difference between the two.

With all my love and compassion,

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